The Catholic University of America

2018-2019 Officers 

As officers of CUA's Council of the Knights of Columbus, it is our duty and responsibility to tend to and care for the needs of our Brother Knights each fraternal year as leaders and role models.  Elections for each officer position are held at the end of the preceding fraternal/academic year.  A candidate, having taken the Third Degree, must be nominated for each position he seeks.  You can read about each officer position in the official Knights of Columbus Officer Handbook.


Grand Knight
SK Nathan Ledoux
B.A. Theology '20
Very Rev. SK Frank Donio, S.A.C., D.Min.
Alumnus,  Classes of 1989, 1993, 2012

Deputy Grand Knight
SK Nicholas Procino
B.S. Architecture '20
B.S. Civil Engineering '21
SK Joseph Arbie
B.A. Politics '21
SK William Pinhak
B.S. Architecture '19
B.S. Civil Engineering '20
Antoine Rask
B.A. Theology '21
SK Alec McGuire
B.A. Theology '21
Inside Guard
Jack Andriani
B.S. Electical Engineering
Outside Guard
SK John Himmel
B.A. Business
First-Year Trustee
SK Joseph Basalla, IPGK
B.A. Theology '19
 Second-Year Trustee
SK Benjamin Shields

B.A. Music '18 
Third-Year Trustee
SK Owen Salyers
B.S. Civil Engineering '19
SK Justin Smith
B.A.  '19

Financial Secretary
SK Patrick Burke
Alumnus, Class of 2014